The votes have been counted and option 2 won (by a mere 2 votes) so our Bio-Med shirt will come in two different colors. I have set up an order form below for you to pick your size and the color you prefer. Please fill it out only if you already paid.

If you didn't pay yet but still want a shirt, then e-mail me at


Regular Purple (darker shirt) and Violet Purple (lighter shirt)

Back of T-Shirt

Back of shirt says: "Eat Sleep Biology"I know its a little hard to see in this picture but when its printed, the blue color will be visible. This is just a low resolution picture.

Order Form

Email Address:
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Osis #:
Bio-Med Class:
T-Shirt Color:

T-Shirt Size:

The following file is a close up of the part of the shirt which lists every Bio-Med student's name. Please look at it and make sure your name is spelled correctly. Also, a lot of names are highlighted. When its printed on the shirt, nothing will be highlighted. I just highlighted the names of the people who voted as a thank you.

File Size: 124 kb
File Type: doc
Download File

If you have any questions or comments, please use the following form. Thanks.




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